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Welcome to TUCUM Capoeira Edinburgh!

Capoeira is a unique Brazilian cultural art incorporating diverse movements, music, and physical conditioning. As well as being an amazingly rewarding and fun activity, the practice of Capoeira develops excellent fitness, flexibility, mobility, coordination and balance.

There are NO REQUIREMENTS to start Capoeira, only willingness to learn and have fun. Just check the schedule for our classes in Edinburgh below and pop in to one of them.

Batizado 2021

We're happy to invite you for a weekend filled with training, learning, playing, catching up and having fun!



Capoeira for Kids

The benefits of Capoeira for children are endless. It is a great physical activity for developing their coordination, group work and leadership skills. It encourages them to explore the joys of being active and interactive with other children. We adopt philosophy of "learning through play" with younger children in order to teach them through games and fun activities. The more they practice and grow, we introduce "learning from play and train" incorporating martial art aspect of Capoeira. Gymnastics without pressure, martial arts without the conflict and music without the rigidity, A safe, fun place for your child to experience all that the art of Capoeira has to offer.
We run multiple classes for kids at different age groups. Classes are £7 per session payable in term blocks.

Location: North Merchiston Club, 48 Watson Crescent, EH11 1EP

Please complete the Booking Form and we'll get in touch!

Questions? Please ask!

Ages: 3 – 4/5

Wednesday | 3:45pm – 4:45pm

Ages: 4 – 6

Monday | 3:45pm – 4:45pm

Ages: 7 – 11

Monday | 4:45pm – 5:45pm

Ages: 11 – 16

Thursday | 4:45pm – 5:45pm

Ages: Mixed 4 – 10

Thursday | 3:45pm – 4:45pm


Capoeira for Adults


All our classes (apart from Monday) currently take place in North Merchiston Club. The cost of the drop-in class is £10 with great discounts for regular students.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before attending your first class you will be required to make an Adult Associate Member registration to meet the track and trace regulations. It's is a very short and straightforward process. Upon registration, you will receive a QR code within a few days that you should always have with you when attending the class.

Questions? Ask here!
Open to anyone
Time: 19:00 - 20:00

An on-line class from the comfort of your home. The focus of this class is building your flexibility, strength, balancing and mobility. (Yes, we learn handstands too).

The class doesn't require much space; a bit of empty floor, a bit of empty wall and occasionally a chair and a blanket/matt.
Beginners | Intermediate
Times: 19:30 - 21:00

Beginners, who know some basics of Capoeira, as well as Intermediate students are welcome. The class provides a fantastic opportunity to train and improve together but more importantly - allows to get to know each other and build a bond as a group!
Capoeira Thursday Class Time: 19:00 - 20:30

Class for those who acquired fundamental knowledge, strength and flexibility required for more advanced Capoeira techniques. Here we cover all aspects of Capoeira
Times: 18:30 - 20:00

A great class to try Capoeira for the very first time. We cover all basic aspects of Capoeira, we work on our body balancing, coordination and mobility using Capoeira techniques and exercises. Here's where you will try your first acrobatics too!